Black Pearl Fishing Charters in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincon fishing charters and snorkeling in the beautiful waters off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Looking to charter a fishing boat or go snorkeling? Want to catch some wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi (dorado), snapper, giant grouper, or even marlin and sailfish? Give us a call at 631-903-4631 or 787-672-3451. We’ve been waiting for you!

Rincon is situated adjacent to some of the best fishing waters in the Atlantic. Many nearby reefs, drop offs, and ocean channels attract several different varieties of fish. We know the unique techniques to catch them all. We know what’s biting, where to find them, and how to catch them.

About Captain Greg Engstrom, Captain of the Black Pearl fishing charter boat in Rincon.

Captain Greg Engstrom - US Coast Guard Licensed Captain.Greg spends most of his life on the water. Greg loves fishing. Greg catches a LOT of fish. It’s rumored that Captain Greg Engstrom is actually part fish and has a telepathic link to whatever is schooling out in the water so he knows exactly where to go and when. He denies the rumors and blames his highly successful fishing charter trips in Rincon, Puerto Rico on his decades of experience fishing and knowledge of the different ocean currents and ocean floor topography, expert navigational skills, and recognizing the right weather conditions for decent fishing. Greg will help you catch fish like no one else! When booking a fishing charter that’s normally what you want to look for. Captain Greg Engstrom is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain. He keeps his equipment well maintained and sea-worthy at all times. When Greg isn’t catching fish he’s getting everything ready to catch fish and keeping his boat in top shape. This helps avoid unexpected cancellations that some other charters often encounter. Safety is never sacrificed and is always priority number one.

All boat charters include the option to snorkel and site-see!

rincon fishing charters - fishing and snorkeling in rincon, puerto rico. Want to snorkel the reefs around Rincon? Want to go see the Desecheo reserve? No problem! All of our charters have the option to snorkel as long as you like at any of the world class dive spots around the nearby area. Snorkeling around Desecheo is worth the trip alone! It really is incredible. Now you can fish and snorkel all in one shot. When you book a charter with Black Pearl Fishing Charters, we make sure you’re glad you did and try to give everyone the best time possible. If there’s whales jumping out of the water, we can get a little closer (without violating the legal restrictions on distance and speed to protect the whales). The complete ocean experience is priceless in it’s own way and we don’t mind sharing that with each and every customer. We love the ocean and having a good time too.

Rincon Fishing Charters Pricing and Info:

$580 per boat charter.
Up to 5 passengers per charter.
All fishing gear, tackle, bait is included.
Charters last from 6am to 1pm.
Option of snorkeling and site-seeing included with all charters.

Book your Rincon fishing charter now! Call 631-903-4631 or 787-672-3451

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